Money tips on Travelling

Money tips on Travelling

Budget is always becoming the main problem for ever traveler. If you are one of those travelers, then of course you’ll need some guidance to get the best way to travel without giving up too much money. Here are the tips.

  1. Make a plan with the intention

Make your travel plans from a far. Find the place you want to go, what supplies you have to bring, and so on. Most importantly, if you make travel plans in advance, you can save on travel expenses from now on.

  1. Take advantage of everything

If you have an acquaintance or relative at your destination, take advantage. Instead of staying at a hotel, it’s better to stay at your relative or acquaintance’s place. Not bad for saving cost of staying with food. In addition, if you want to play dadu online, or visit a tourist attraction, look for a lot of bonuses.

Money tips on Travelling

Money tips on Travelling

Usually some tourist objects give a discounted entry ticket if the ticket is purchased in the form of a package or a group.

  1. 3. Choose a date that is low season

Do not walk around during the holiday season. If you can avoid it and choose a low season date. The thing is, if it’s the holiday season, the price of all tickets and accommodation will be more expensive than usual days. In addition, tourist attractions will also be crowded. Even during the holiday season the crime rate has also increased.

  1. 4. Stay at a hostel, not a hotel

For student pockets, of course, staying at a hostel is much cheaper and more exciting than staying at a hotel. Nowadays there are many cheap and comfortable hostels scattered everywhere. You can browse to find hostels that you want. Each hostel has its own facilities and entertainment.

Many exciting things that you can only find if you stay at a hostel. Starting from sharing a room with other guests, to meet with foreign tourists. Not bad for adding friends and sharing experiences.

  1. 5. No need to buy, if you can just borrow it

Usually if you want to travel, we need to prepare equipment. Especially if the journey is adventure in the wild like hiking and diving. Or going to meet with prospective in-laws, that includes a challenging trip too you know. Hehe…

Prepare the equipment we need, no need to buy, just borrow with the acquaintances or relatives who have it. For example, if you want to go hiking, you can just borrow a carrier bag, tent and sleeping bag.

Money tips on Travelling

Money tips on Travelling

Your money is better allocated to visit other places. In addition, in fact we can also rent it, rather than buy it but use it only once.

  1. 6. Use public transport

For a walk in the city of your tourist destination, try to take public transportation instead of taking a taxi that costs more. If you can find tebengan (Ride).

  1. 7. Buy souvenirs not in stores, buy them in traditional markets

Souvenirs or souvenirs sold in the market are clearly much cheaper than in the store, and can be negotiable as well. But you have to be good at bargaining and smart choosing so you don’t get bad stuff. However, not all local markets are cheap, you know.

There is also a market which is very commercial for tourists. So the price of the goods is more expensive. You have to research the place and price first before buying.