How to Travel Safely

How to Travel Safely Without Falling Prey for Criminals?

Yes, travelling can be dangerous. However, there some tips you can follow to prevent yourself falling prey to criminals abroad. Here are the tips for you.

  1. Find a Recommended Hostel

You will find it difficult to find a fellow solo traveler if you stay in a private hotel and betting at Just try to choose a hostel that provides dorm, homogeneous or mixed, complete with communal spaces such as kitchens and recreation rooms. That’s where you will find fellow travelers who can be acquainted with and share stories. Who knows, you find a friend with one destination so you can be a travel partner for a while?

How to Travel Safely

How to Travel Safely

  1. Store cash and cards separately and make copies of every necessary document

During your trip, keep cash and debit or credit cards – if you have more than one – in different places, for example, hide it in a belt or socks. Also leave some cash and a spare ATM card in the bag that you live in the inn locker. If your wallet is lost or robbed, you are not too panicked because you have a backup.

It is also important to have soft copies and hard copies of important documents, such as passports, ID cards and other identification. Save a portion of the hardcopy in keril, and upload softcopy to the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.

  1. Write down any important dials

It is very important to note down the important telephone numbers of the city you are visiting, especially where to stay, the police and hospitals. And don’t just record it on your cellphone, write it down on a piece of paper. Also record the phone numbers of the people closest to them and keep them in your wallet, purse, and pocket. This piece of paper can be very useful if something happens to you, for example a sudden faint or accident, so that the person who helps you can immediately notify them.

How to Travel Safely

How to Travel Safely

  1. Keep updating your social media, not to show off, but as a record so people know your last situation if bad things happen

Perform live tweets or status updates on social networks of all your activities while traveling solo, if necessary, accompanied by the location. Not to show off, but if anything happens to you or suddenly you can’t be contacted, the people closest to you know where they should start looking. Once again, that does not mean traveling alone is dangerous; this is anticipation for the convenience of traveling alone.

  1. Meet new people, but don’t rely on them

Traveling alone has many meanings. If you previously used to rely on other people while traveling, this is the time for you to try on your own. In addition to learning to conquer yourself, you also learn to listen to instincts.

Most people certainly have good intentions towards you. But, do not easily trust other people. The only one you can trust is yourself. That’s why listening to your instincts is important. When something doesn’t feel right, it’s best to avoid it immediately and leave.