Myths In Curing Cough

Food And Beverage Myths In Curing Cough

Cough, along with flu and fever, is a “common” disease. It is so common that people even “create” their formula in curing the disease.

Unfortunately, not every of their formula works the ways they should be. These are things we call “myths”. Myths in curing cough are often found in the ways people structure their meals, in other words, foods and beverages.

Many people refrain from consuming chocolates. Perhaps it’s because chocolate products as in many confectioneries include sweeteners that cause dirt inside people’s teeth. Since dirty teeth cause cough, people say we shouldn’t consume chocolates at all when we suffer from cough.

Myths In Curing Cough

Myths In Curing Cough

Yet, this is not entirely true. We can still consume chocolates that are not sweet. Dark chocolates with around 70-90% cacao are the best choices in curing coughs. We can try sea salts that are also decent in curing coughs if we ever need variations in the chocolate’s flavors. Those chocolates can be eaten raw or blended with other ingredients and served at a warm temperature.

As long as the chocolates’ sides are not too pointy (hence hurting throat and produce more coughs) and they are served in warm temperature, even sweet-tasting chocolates as in chocolates with cherry or cranberry fillings are okay to consume. To this, we can try warm chocolate bread pudding and eat them as a dessert for dinner or afternoon tea.

It is also common for people to believe we shouldn’t eat deep-fried foods. This is because deep-fried foods, especially those that are sold on street markets, tend to have pointy sides and oily textures that can hurt people’s throat.



This is also not entirely true. We are welcome to eat deep-fried foods as much as we can. Only, we should balance them with drinks that are served warm or not iced in any ways. Remember: Warm drinks help in relaxing our hurt throat’s muscles, hence helps in curing cough, while hot drinks hurt our throat even more.

People tend to believe honey can cure cough since many have written about honey’s amazing benefit in curing cough. Not all honey can cure coughs. Some honey even can only help in easing the symptoms for some days or even hours.

It depends on the types of honey we are referring to. Most of the low-cost honey that is often on the same shelves with OTC medicines tend to function the same as cajuput oils: Easing cough symptoms for certain amounts of time. The more mixtures in the honey product, the less likely the honey function to cure cough.

Even Manuka, the strongest to cure cough (as well as other wounds inside throats or any organs), have their UMF level. UMF indicates how strong the Manuka’s effects. The higher the UMF, the stronger the effects. As a result, they cost more than the others. Please also read for for healthy tips

In summary, there are no particular foods or beverages to completely avoid during cough. Make sure we accompany with another warm food or beverage.